Locked in a concrete shed with the Inlaws

I’ve shared a few stories about my Inlaws, but none for a while. I just had to share this one.

The other day I was roped into helping my father-in-law hang some flower baskets in the Inlaws back garden. We had five to hang and we’d hung three when my father-in-law went into the concrete shed (built it himself, with his own two hands, took him ages because it kept raining on and off, tells me every time I’m in the flipping garden). It’s actually a little wonky and he had to get the top edge of the wooden door sawed down to fit in the doorway. Anyway, he went into the shed to get some more nails. I’m busy trying to shove the dirt and flowers back into the basket that I’ve just dropped before anybody notices, when he calls me in. I go into the shed, see he’s got a bag of nails when he says: “Listen, just in case; don’t ever shut this door. Look, I’ll show you why,” and pulled the shed door shut, with a slam. Luckily there’s a small 2ft by 2ft window and a light bulb.

    “Ok, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“If you shut it and you shut it too hard, the catch clips in place and you’ll get locked in. There’s no heat in here either, so make sure you keep it open, or if it’s windy, wedge something in the doorway. But don’t shut it whilst you’re inside.”

   “But you just shut it” I pointed out.

“Ah, but that’s just to show you not to shut it.”

   “Ok, but the door’s still shut.”

He opens his eyes in sudden-shock and pushes against the door.
Guess what? That’s right the twit slammed the door too hard and that nice little catch that clips in place that he was warning me about, yes well, it’s clipped in place. Both our phones are in the kitchen. Three hours we spent in that shed while we had to wait for my mother-in-law to get back from visiting friends.